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Dental Consultation

Free Dental Consultation is now available from 1000+ Dentists in Australia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam. Soon, more Free Dental Consultations will become available from dentists in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and Mexico.

DentistConsultationHub is a Free Teledentistry platform launched by a veteran clinician and a management consultant to remove the traditional barrier for people visiting a dentist.

” Over 50% of the population never see a dentist, and 80% of those who visit a dentist delay major treatments. Consulting a dentist is a highly inefficient process for both patients and the clinics involved. It is time-consuming and costly for both sides.” According to the company.

DentistConsultationHub is the first teledentistry platform that allows patients to receive a Free Dental Consultation without visiting a dentist, receive multiple treatment prices to compare, and to book a dentist and pay online.

Patients who sign up can post their treatment request once, upload any available documents wait for a consultation, and multiple treatment prices from leading dental clinics near home or overseas clinics.

An internal dentist team assisted by AI monitors every treatment request to ensure correct information is sent to reviewing dentists. After treatment completion, the dental team evaluates the quality of treatment, and an internal escrow system protects all accounts.

Patients can receive a Free Dental Consultation on the full range of dental services listed below:

General Dentistry
Cosmetic Dentistry
Children Dentistry
Dental Crowns
Porcelain Veneers
Dental Implants
Dental Filings
Periodontal Treatments
Dentures and Partials
Fixed Dental Bridges
All On 4
Wisdom Tooth Extraction
Oral Pathology
Clear Aligners such as Invisalign, SmileDirectClub, Zenyum, Byte
TMJ Disorders

Snoring and Sleep Apnea
Full Mouth Reconstruction

How to Get a Free Dental Consultation?

Step 1. Sign Up and register for a Free Account. Make sure to sign up as a patient. No credit cards are required to sign up.

Dental Consultation

Step 2. Get a Quote

Step 3. Post a Treatment Request. Pick one or more treatments from a drop down menu

Step 4 . Write an an attention grabbing title. What are you consulting about?

Step 5. Be as precise as possible in explaining your dental situation. Remember, with teledentistry, the dentist needs to fully understand your situation.

The following are some of the information, you can share when getting a dental consultation via teledentistry.

Do Include:

  • Your age
  • Overall health Status
  • Medications you may be taking
  • Previous history
  • Last Dental Examination
  • Goals about your teeth (ex. I want to look better or I want to be able to eat more comfortably)
  • Any concerns ( Paid, Time, Budget )
  • Location where you prefer to have the treatment done

Do not Include:

  • Any personal identifying information such as ( Full name, Birthdate, Telephone Number, Email )
  • Any names of previous dentists
  • Any defamatory comments about previous dentists
    Note: Our dental team has the right to delete or modify any information that is unnecessary, inappropriate or requires more clarity to improve the consultation experience of our patients )
Dental Consultation

Step 6. Take photos of your tooth/teeth condition and attach any available x-rays or other documents such as a copy of a treatment plan. ( Learn how to take photos and what type of x-rays to attach. See Guide.)

What to do if you don’t have my dental x-rays?

If you have recent dental x-rays at your previous dentist, simply ask them to email you a copy and then you can upload it to your dashboard. If you like our dental team to request your x-rays on your behalf, please email us Contact@DentistConsultationHub.com , and we will contact your dentist.

Free Dental Consultation
Free Dental Consultation

Step 7. Select the dentist skills you think is relevant for your situation. If not sure, select ” General Dentistry. “

Step 8. Include a realistic budget in the currency shown. Do not include too low of a budget as dentists will think you are not serious. If not sure about the budget, Check box “Open Budget “.

Step 9. Select the a single location or multiple locations where you like clinics to offer your a dental consultation and prices.

Step 10. After completing the form Click “Submit”

In Which Countries and Locations, Can I Get a Free Dental Consultation?


Free Dental Consultation Adelaide, Australia ( Find a Dentist )

Free Dental Consultation Brisbane, Australia ( Find a Dentist )

Free Dental Consultation Gold Coast, Australia (Find a Dentist )

Free Dental Consultation Melbourne, Australia ( Find a Dentist )

Free Dental Consultation Perth, Australia ( Find a Dentist )

Free Dental Consultation Adelaide, Australia ( Find a Dentist )


Free Dental Consultation Bali, Indonesia ( Find a Dentist )

Free Dental Consultation Jakarta, Indonesia ( Find a Dentist )


Free Dental Consultation Manila, Phillipines ( Find a Dentist )


Free Dental Consultation Singapore City, Singapore ( Find a Dentist )


Free Dental Consultation Bangkok, Thailand ( Find a Dentist )

Free Dental Consultation Chiang Mai, Thailand ( Find a Dentist )

Free Dental Consultation Phuket, Thailand ( Find a Dentist )


Free Dental Consultation Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam ( Find a Dentist )

How Do I know About The Result of My Online Dental Consultation?

When dentists reply to your treatment request, you will receive an email. You may also check the notification bell on your dashboard.

How secure is my Online Dental Consultation?

All information exchanged with the clinics on our network are stored within a HIPAA compliant and secure cloud servers operated by Amazon Web Services.

To learn more about DentistConsultationHub services and get answer to the most common FAQ, please click here.

DentistConsultationHub is an online platform connecting patients to best dentists locally or overseas. Patients can post a treatment request once and receive multiple consultations and a price quote from different clinics without ever having to visit them. It is a FREE service for patients and no credit card is required to post a treatment request.

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