3-Teeth Dental Implant Bridge Promotion Thailand

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Deluxe Brand 3 Teeth Dental Implant Bridge Promotion

3 Teeth Dental Implant Bridge Promotion in Bangkok, Phuket, Pattaya and Chiang Mail. Online Purchases Only.

A 3-teeth dental implant bridge is often used when a patient is seeking to replace multiple teeth in a quadrant of the jaw. The 3 teeth dental implant bridge consists of 2 dental implants, 2 dental abutments, and a 3-teeth bridge consisting of connected dental crowns.
If you have lost three teeth a row or if you are facing the idea of losing teeth, this treatment may be for you.

What is included in the fee?

1) Comprehensive Dental Examination, Dental X-ray ( Panorex or 3D Cone Beam )
2) Two titanium dental implants, Two standard titanium dental abutments,s and three-porcelain Crown teeth ( Emax, Zirconia, or PFM to be determined by the dentist ), in a site ready bone
3) Post Operative Evaluations for up to 30 days after treatment is completed
4) One Free regular dental cleaning before or after the treatment as well as One 1-hour laser teeth whitening
5) 2 Year Warranty on the Crowns and 5 Year Warranty on the Implant Fixture- For warranty to be valid, the patient must present evidence of routine dental check-up and a cleaning every 6 months utilizing the services of a clinic within our network)
6) A choice of any of the following dental implant brands based on the clinician’s recommendation ( Osteem, Neobiotech, SIC Swiss Implant )

What is not included?
1) Tooth extraction prior to dental implant placement
2) Periodontal deep cleaning
3) Bone grafting to prepare the bone to receive dental implant
4) Travel to and from home or work to the clinic
5) Any required accommodation

This promotion is valid only for online purchases. If for any reason, the clinician determines, you are not qualified to proceed with treatment, you will receive a full refund. Prior to purchasing, you may send a free evaluation request to Contact@DentistConsultatiionHub.com

How to use this promotion?

1) Once the purchase is completed, we will proceed with booking your appointment at one of the pre-screened and qualified dental implant centers.
2) Print the copy of the payment and take it with you to your appointment.

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