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General Informed Consent

About DentistConsultationHub

DentistConsultationHub is a teledentistry marketplace platform connecting patients to dental clinics, dentists, and other dental providers, locally or across the globe.

DentistConsultationHub, has it own internal dental team monitoring and evaluating treatment requests, consultations, quotations and completed treatments when requested by patients. In addition, we may use Artificial Intelligence in assisting us with dental evaluations, so we can monitor treatments, offer unbiased opinion to patients when asked and resolve any potential disputes between our patient-users and clinic/dentists-users.

The AI system can evaluate dental conditions from dental photos of a patient or dental x-rays and combines the information from dental questions answered by a patient.

The AI technology then generates a report which is verified by the internal dentist team of DentistConsultationHub and then is sent to the patient or a patient’s dentist upon patient’s explicit consent and request.

The reports are generated within 48 hours of receipt of all documents and will include the following information:


  • Diagnosis of dental condition(s)
  • Dental photo and x-ray analysis using AI
  • Available treatment options including the most desired
  • Estimated budget
  • List of qualified dentist/clinics
  • Available payment options


The Benefits

Ease of Access – Patients can easily access our site from anywhere using a mobile phone, a tablet, a laptop or a desktop with an internet connection

Safe – Because patients can access our platform remotely without visiting a dentist office, they will be safe from overcrowded waiting rooms and potentially coming to contact with an a contagious or an infected person.

No Anxiety– Patients who have anxiety in seeing a dentist due to fear or because they are embarrassed of their dental conditions can feel comfortable by learning about their dental problems in a remote and a discreet manner.

Education – Patients are educated about the conditions of their teeth, available treatment options, estimated fees and available payment options before visiting a dentist. This allows them to make an informed decision about their oral health in advanced without being rushed into making a decision on the spot when visiting a dentist.


The Risks

Inconclusive– The online evaluations and use of AI technology is dependent on the information received from a patient and also the quality of data presented. If a patient does not provide good diagnostic quality photos or x-rays, the results of diagnosis may be inconclusive or inaccurate. An online evaluation may not be as good as an oral examination by a licensed dentist.


Clinical Evaluation – A clinical evaluation may indicate conditions not known to AI or the expert dental team who oversee treatment reports.

Medications – If a patient does not disclose all medications that he/she is taking can affect the recommended treatment plan options.

Consent to Indemnify – By ordering a dental evaluation through DentistConsultationHub, whether you contact us directly or post a treatment request to be evaluated by the dentists on our network, you agree to indemnify our company, the employees, contractors who work for our company. You further agree to indemnify us (DentistConsultationHub), its agent, employees and contractors from any disputes that may arise between you and your treating dentist, whether or not the treating dentist was referred by us.


Binding Arbitration & Waiver to Class Action Agreement

By requesting an evaluation from DentistConsultationHub, you agree to arbitrate all disputes and claims directly or indirectly that arises from services provided to you from DentistConsultationHub, Nazeri & Company Co., Ltd, Nazeri & Company LLC and any other subsidiary in Royal Kingdom of Thailand. You agree to arbitrate all cases at Thailand Arbitration Center (“THAC”) located at Bhiraj Tower at EmQuartier, 689 Sukhumvit Soi 35 Bangkok, Thailand 10110.

You further agree to allow arbitration will be on an individual basis, and class arbitrations and class actions are not permitted, and you agree your rights to give up the ability to participate in any class action, no matter where you legally reside or are located.

All arbitration shall be conducted in English language and a solo arbitrator shall be used for all arbitration cases.


Negative Reviews – If you are not happy with our services, you agree not to leave a negative review or feedback about our company, our employees, contractors or any other individual or entity who is related to our company. You further understand that in Royal Kingdom of Thailand, negative reviews and defamation laws are very severe and could result in criminal charges against you and, if convicted by a court verdict, the file can be reported to Interpol for execution at any international borders. In case of a dissatisfaction, you agree to write to us or email Contact@DentistConsulationHub.com.


Informed Consent

Teledentistry-AI – I hereby consent my dental records and any treatment requests, I post, to be evaluated by dentist on the platform, who will be notified of my request, AI platform and dentists employed or contracted by DentistConsultationHub. I understand all the information that I receive from DentistConsultationHub must be verified by my own treating dentists who is licensed in the region I reside and the final decision regarding my treatment must be decided between me and my treating dentist.

Furthermore, I understand the fees, I may receive on the platform, are subject to change after an oral evaluation, and it may change depending on complexity of my case and is subject to modification when I visit a treating dentist. If I decide to choose a payment plan option, any disputes arising from my translation with the financing company must be addressed directly to provider of financing and I agree to fully indemnify DentistConsultationHub, its parent company, subsidiaries, employees, agents and contractors.


Last Revised: July 2021

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