FAQs For Dentists/Clinics

No. to register on our site is 100% free and you can set up your practice profile page completely free. If you need help in special customization or graphics, please contact us for a quote.

No. You give a quotation to patients as if you would do if contacted you via your website or in office, after reviewing patients’ documents such as photos and X-rays.

Yes. This is an open marketplace and is no different than patients visiting you in person.  To stay competitive focus on creating a nice profile page and show patients why they should choose your practice. Low Price is not always the primary motivator for patients.

Yes. You can bid at a higher price than patient’s stated budget.

No. Your quotation is only seen by patient as well as our admin.

You will receive an email notification as well as you can check your dashboard notification bell on regular basis.

We are not charging the clinics when giving a quote at this time.

You can always communicate with patients via our platform in the private workspace  and ask them for more  documents. If you decide to give a quote, but still missing a record, you need to write a disclaimer in your proposal. For example, ” Mrs. Jones, I am happy to give  you a quote on your dental crown, but because there are no x-rays attached, I am placing this quote is based on the assumption that your tooth does not require a root canal treatment and there is no additional dental work.”

You can communicate with patient via our chat platform and we can also coordinate an online meeting.

You are paid after completing each phase of treatment to  directly the account you specify or Paypal.

Disputes are not common but could occasionally happen. This is no different if a patient disputed treatment at your practice. The benefit with our platform is patients deposit the funds with us as an intermediary, and our peer review team consisting of highly skilled dentists evaluates every case and makes a final determination. If you are to do the best of your ability and have good documentation, there is no reason why you would not be receiving the fund.

A patient may decide not to complete treatment at any time. In this scenario, you can open a dispute claim to receive the funds for completed the treatment. All phases that are not completed will be refunded back to patient.

You may stop the treatment at any time and open a dispute claim. You will be eligible to be paid for the phase you completed. Please note, you may not stop the treatment without properly completing a step where a patient is functionally or esthetically impaired, and the present condition is worse than when the patient began treatment. You must also refer the patient to an appropriate professional to complete the care, evidenced by a written letter via email or text to the patient.

As a participating dentist of our platform, you agree to indemnify DentistConsultationHub, its parent company, officers, employees, independent contractors, advisors, board members, and investors from any liability arising from treatment patients have received directly from you or indirectly through you. It would be best if you carried your malpractice negligence coverage to cover you for any unforeseen liabilities or claims.

We charge 10 % for all escrow transactions and we pay the clinics 90% of all promotions bought through our site.

No. Unless it is required by law or mandated by a court order, we do not deduct any taxes from your payment. You will always be responsible to file for your own income taxes.

We do not allow direct payments to dentists and it is ground for immediate account termination and subject to a conversion fee.

FAQs For Patients

No. Signing up on our site and asking for a quotation is always free.

The number of quotations you will receive can vary depending on each available location. YOu will received more quotations, If you describe your desire treatment well, and attach well-taken photos and any available x-rays.

The platform will send out an automatic email notifying you as quotes arrived. You may also check the notification bell on your dashboard.

You may change your mind until your treatment begins at the dentist’s office. If you decide to not to proceed with treatment after meeting your dentist, you can request a refund. In some situations, you may be subject to any additional fees incurred at the dentist office such as an office visit fee or an x-ray. Please discuss this with your dentist before requesting a refund via the platform.

You may stop your treatment at any time by opening a dispute claim from your dashboard. Please note that any payments due to your dentist for completing any parts of your treatment will be deducted from the final refund.

You may deposit funds in your escrow account using all major credit cards, PayPal or wire funds directly to our bank.

As a value-added service, our internal peer review committee consisting of highly experienced dentists will evaluate all treatments by asking your dentist to upload photos and x-ray of the completed treatment. We only release funds when there is clear evidence that your treatment meets or exceeds the standard of care.

We protect your account through our escrow account. If, for some reason, your treatment is discontinued by your original dentist, we will assist in finding a replacement dentist. If we cannot find one, you will be able to get a refund on any remaining balance in the escrow account minus any fees due to us.

No. Our platform prohibits financial transactions between patients and dentists in our network and is subject to account termination. Also, to get the benefits and protection offered by us, all transactions must be through the escrow account.

If your dentist determines your require additional dental work, you can ask your dentist to create a custom order. Our internal dentist team will review the recommended treatment and may ask your dentist some questions to verify the validity of any additional treatment. We strive to protect patients on our platform.

Our income is generated from the dentists after the treatment is completed and the money is released to them.

Stating a realistic budget shows dentists that you are a serious patients and are not there to waste their time. It will attract more quotes, and help the dentist propose other options if necessary within your budget.

Stating a realistic budget shows dentists that you are a serious patients and are not there to waste their time. It will attract more bids to your treatment request and help the dentist propose other options if necessary within your budget.

Our platform can assist you with providing you an invoice and filling out the insurance forms on your behalf with the insurance company. If your claim is accepted, you can expect a refund to be paid directly from the insurance company.

All credit card transactions are subject to a 4% charge deducted by credit card processing company. 

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