Up to 2-Years Additional Treatment Warranty Coverage Terms & Conditions

Patients who register, pay, and book a dentist on DentistConsultationHub platform are eligible to be registered for up to additional 2-years of Treatment coverage and warranty beyond the clinic’s normal warranty period. The coverage is limited to the dental work to be done at the same clinic where the original treatment was performed and does not cover the cost of travel to and from the clinic or any time off from work. To become eligible for the DentistConsultationHub up to 2-Years additional treatment coverage, the following terms, conditions, and exclusions apply:

  • The dental treatment coverage applies only if the treatment is booked and paid for online via DentistConsultationHub.com
  • DentistConsultationHub matches the clinic’s warranty normal period up to two additional years.
  • Patient must complete dental treatment based on advice and recommendation of the treating dentist. If the patient chooses and alternative treatment that is not based on the treating dentists’ recommendation, the patient is excluded from the treatment coverage.
  • The warranty applies to clinics where the treatment warranty and conditions are fully disclosed to a patient on their website, via an email or on a hard copy of a treatment plan prior to the date of product or service failure.
  • To become eligible for the 2-Years additional treatment warranty coverage, the patient must ask the treating dentist to send an intra-oral photograph as well as a final x-ray of the completed treatment to Contact@DentistConsultationHub.com or via mail to 30th Floor Bhiraj Tower @EmQaurtier, 689 Sukhumvit Soi 35 Bangkok, Thailand 10110 attention, Peer Review Team, within 48 hours of treatment completion date. The patient shall receive an email confirmation of the additional 2-Years treatment coverage from the dental team as the proof of coverage. Additional documents may be requested by the peer review dental team to ensure the standard of care has been met.
  • The patient must immediately notify the clinic where the treatment was completed and CC our team on all communications at Team@DentistConsultationHub.com
  • The patient must maintain an excellent level of oral hygiene at home by brushing and flossing every day.
  • The patient must book a follow up dental checkup, a dental cleaning and a set of dental x-rays including a follow up x-ray of the treatment completed at any of the dentists’ on DentistConsultationHub platform every 6 months for the dental warranty to remain valid.
  •  The patient must not have had a significant shift ( examples, such as a Cancer, auto-immune disease, stroke ) in his or her overall health since the treatment was completed including taking medications or treatments that causes xerostomia of the mouth.
  • If the patient is known to have a history of habitual grinding or grinding as disclosed on medical or dental history or evidenced by wear facet patterns on the teeth, the patient is automatically disqualified from the additional treatment coverage period
  • On dental fillings, where beyond 1/3 of the tooth structure ( inter-cuspal distance including any cuspal coverage )  is restored using a resin, an amalgam, glass ionomer instead of an indirect filling such as an indirect composite, porcelain or gold is excluded from the warranty coverage.
  • On tooth preparation where the dentist has not sufficiently reduced tooth structure for restorative material thickness leading to restorative material fracture, the coverage is excluded.
  • When there is evidence of abuse such as a physical injury to the teeth including biting into extremely hard objects, the coverage is excluded.
  • If there is evidence or becomes known that a substandard material is used in manufacturing process by the dental laboratory that is used by the dentist, the coverage is excluded.
  • On dental implants where the dentist has not progressively loaded the dental implant in the restoration phase, the coverage is excluded.
  • The process of removal of a failed implant is excluded from the coverage.
  • Any additional bone grafting required to place a new dental implant is excluded from the coverage.
  • If the dental implant in the lower jaw is restored less than 12 weeks and in the upper jaw less than 24 weeks from the insertion date, the treatment is excluded from the coverage.
  • On root canal treatments where there is evidence of formed infectious cyst on the x-ray prior to root canal.
  • On root canal treatments where a tooth facture is identified, the coverage is excluded.
  • Any molar root canal treatment where the treatment is not performed by an endodontist is excluded.
  • Any removable prosthesis such as dentures, partials, retainers, mouth guards, removable trays that can be taken outside of the mouth by patient and accidently dropped is excluded from coverage.
  • Any non-casted dental posts are excluded from the coverage.
  • All cast posts that are less than 50% of the root length are excluded from the coverage.
  • Any dental crowns, veneers or bonding where the patient cannot floss because of a super tight contact or it has a visible open contact, it is excluded from the treatment coverage.
  • Any fixed acrylic dental bridge without a proper titanium milled bar or a high Nobel casted bar is excluded from the coverage.
  • Fractures or loosening of dental abutments, screw loosening of the abutment of permanent prosthesis is excluded from the coverage.
  • Any form of a tissue recession, healing recession is excluded from the coverage.
  • Any form of detachment of a tooth from an acrylic base is excluded from the coverage
  • Any form of O-ring wear and tear both on the male and female parts of prosthesis is excluded from the coverage.
  • Any type of a provisional crown, bridge, or prosthesis where it is in use more than 6 months and patient has failed to change to a permanent restoration is excluded from the treatment coverage.

We reserve the right to evaluate every case thoroughly and ask for additional documents from both the treating dentist, the patient, the supplier, and the dental laboratory to make a final assessment of coverage validity. It is always the patient responsibility to ensure we can receive the requested information as soon as possible. We strongly recommend patients pay for any immediate required services while waiting for a response from us, so their treatment is not delayed. Upon verification and eligibility, we will pay for both the professional and laboratory fees for any non-excluded treatment coverage only after a new treatment is completed.

For any questions or concerns about 2-Years additional treatment coverage, please email or write to:

The Dental Team


30th Fl Bhiraj Tower @ EmQuartier

689 Sukhumvit Soi 35

Bangkok, Thailand 10110


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