9 Benefits to Book a Dentist Online Via DentistConsultationHub.com

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To shop and book a dentist online has become more accessible. Now patients can post a treatment request once, instead of visiting multiple dentists for a consultation, receive feedback and treatment prices from local or overseas dentists, and finally book a dentist online.

DentistConsultationHub is the first teledentistry platform that allows patients greater access to dentists by democratizing the consultation process. It removes traditional barriers such as cost, fear, and time that keep more than 50% of patients away from visiting dentists. ( Nearly 42% of Americans Don’t See a Dentist )

There are plenty of benefits to book a dentist online via our platform. This blog summarizes the advantages and added value services offered to patients:

1. Save Time & Money On Dentist Consultations

Patients love our platform, because they don’t have to waste time visiting multiple dentists in crowded waiting rooms, fill out multiple forms every time, and pay for consultation fees. Post your treatment request once, wait for clinics to respond, review each clinic’s profile, and book a dentist right from your dashboard.
save time and money on dentist consultation

2. Pre & Post Treatment Evaluation

Would it not be nice to have your treatment evaluated by a team of unbiased clinicians assisted by Artificial Intelligence technology? We got your back !
Every treatment is monitored to ensure, it meets standard of care before all payments are released to a clinic. This Free service will ensure our patients don’t end up finding out something is wrong with their treatment years later.
Book a Dentist Online

3. Two-Years Additional Treatment Warranty

When you book a dentist online through our platform, you will be automatically eligible for 2 additional years of limited treatment warranty on top of the clinic’s normal warranty period. ( Certain Restriction Apply

4. Ease of Payment

We make it easy and secure for our patients to fund their escrow account and pay the clinics with options such as PayPal and Stripe accepting all major credit cards. For larger cases, we offer wire transfers, and also weekly and monthly payment installments. ( Currently Available to Australian Citizens )

5. $1.9 Million Escrow Account Protection

All cash funds deposited with our escrow bank account within Morgan Chase Bank USA (NY) are protected for up to US$1.9Million by our financial institution. You can check the status of your funds within your dashboard at anytime. Payments are released to clinics when your notify us. You never have to worry about paying a clinic upfront and not being satisfied.

6. Dispute Resolution

Sometimes with all best intentions, disputes arise between patients and providers over a treatment outcome or a customer service experience. Our team of clinicians and customer service experts, are here to intermediate and help both parties reach an amicable solution. You are never left alone !
Book Dentist Online
Book Dentist Online

7. Never look for a missing x-ray or a document ever again !

All records are secured within our AWS servers. How secure is that? Well, Central Intelligence Agency ( CIA ) uses the same platform on AWS as we do, so it is super safe. You always have the option to update, edit, or delete your account right from your personal dashboard.
Book Dentist Online

8. We assist you in filing your insurance claim

If you have dental insurance and you wish to file a claim for consideration and a refund on your services. Our insurance team will assist you in filing those claims.

Round Trip Airport Transfers

If you are booking a dentist from overseas, you will automatically qualify for our round trip airport greet and meet as well as hotel transfer when booking and paying for services within our platfom ( Minimim booking amount is required and varies by location) Ask us for detail.
Book Dentist Online

If you are facing a major dental bill, need a second opinion, have never seen a dentist because you are worried about the cost of initial consultation, or have fear or anxiety discussing your treatment condition, sign up for Free and get a consultation today.

DentistConsultationHub is an online platform connecting patients to best dentists locally or overseas. Patients can post a treatment request once and receive multiple consultations and a price quote from different clinics without ever having to visit them. It is a FREE service for patients and no credit card is required to post a treatment request.

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