The Best Top 12 Dental Implant Brands- A Patient Guide.

Top 12 Dental Implant Brands

What You Need to Know Before Choosing One?

Top 12 Dental Implant Brands- A Patient Guide is written to help patients choose the right dental implant brand. Dental implants are cylindrical screw-like structures surgically placed in the jawbone, where they serve as the roots of missing teeth. These implants are made of titanium and fuse with the jawbone. As the implant integrates with the bone, there will be no movement, as seen in fixed bridgework or dentures, causing further damage to adjacent teeth or the jaw bone. 

Choosing the best Dental Implant manufacturer

Choosing a high-quality dental implant is an essential step in creating long-lasting results. Innovative, high-quality designs manufactured under the strictest quality control standards are the best choice for dental practitioners and their patients. This decision cannot always be left to the dentist. Patients must also do their research.

 Top 12 Dental Implant Brands. Straumann among top 12 dental implant brands

The Best Top 12 Dental Implant Brands, major manufacturers of dental implants in the world.

  • Straumann
  • Nobel Biocare
  • Osteem
  • Bicon
  • Dentsply Sirona
  • Zimmer Biomet
  • Megagen
  • BioHorizon
  • Implant Direct
  • HIOSSEN                                 
  • MIS Implants
  • Neodent


Headquartered in Basel, Switzerland, Straumann is a legendary Swiss engineering manufacturer creating innovative technologies with Swiss quality, precision, and pioneering, dating back over 60 years of history.

Straumann Group

Nobel Biocare

 Headquartered in Kloten, Switzerland, Nobel Biocare was founded in 2002 as a company that manufactures dental implants and CAD/CAM-based individualized prosthetics.

Nobel Biocare | Dental implant solutions


Based in Korea, Osstem Implant Co Ltd is one of the leading global companies engaged in dental implant manufacturing. It deals with medical instruments primarily.

 Osstem Implant

Dental Implant Systems & Surgical Kits – Courses – Osstem Implants UK (osstemuk.com)

Bicon Dental Implants

A privately-owned company located in Boston, MA, Bicon introduced a specialized system in 1985, short dental implants that use a locking taper or cold-welding connection to secure the abutment to the implant. It stands out from the other companies with its feature of an implant with a biological seal at the implant/abutment interface. This implant is beneficial in areas with insufficient bone to avoid bone grafting.

Bicon Dental Implants – Innovative dental implants and clinical techniques including SHORT Implants

DENTSPLY International

Founded originally in 1899 and then through M&A in 2016, Dentsply Sirona has grown to become the world’s most extensive professional dental products and technologies manufacturer. It has a substantial global presence with operations in more than 40 countries worldwide and a sales presence in more than 120 countries.

Dentsply Sirona | USA

Zimmer Biomet

Founded in 1927, Zimmer Biomet is a publicly traded medical device company headquartered in Warsaw, Indiana, where it is part of the medical devices business cluster.

Zimmer Biomet Dental Patients

MegaGen Implant 

It is headquartered in Gyeongsan (Daegu), South Korea. It has the largest implant manufacturing facility in Asia and incorporates all the latest high-tech to develop and produce medical devices, including dental implants. 

MEGAGEN IMPLANT – Official Website (imegagen.com)


A majority-owned subsidiary of Henry Schein, Inc., is a leading dental implant and biologics company located in Birmingham, Alabama. The company has a broad product offering along with dental implants.

welcome – BioHorizons

Implant Direct 

A global dental Implant provider based in Thousand Oaks, California. Founded in 2006, it sells in over 40 countries globally.

Implant Direct


A subsidiary of Osstem Implant was established in Pennsylvania in 2006. Osstem Implant is ranked one of the top five dental implant companies in the world and leads the Asian-Pacific market. With state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Fairless Hills, PA, it produces a wide variety of implants and exports to more than 20 different countries in Europe and the Asian region. 

Superior & Reliable Implant Technology | Hiossen® Implant

MIS Implants

Headquartered in Fair Lawn Ave, New Jersey, MIS Implants Technologies Ltd has distribution in over 60 countries globally. It offers a comprehensive range of products and innovative solutions aimed to simplify dental implantology. The product is manufactured in Israel.

MIS Dental Implants (mis-implants.com)

Neodent S.A

Founded in 1979, Neodent S.A s located in Ionia, Greece. It is one of the fastest-growing manufacturing companies in Europe.

Our Company – Neodent

 What is the reason for price variation amongst different manufacturers of Dental Implants?

Each brand has its specifications and is priced accordingly. Cheaper brands usually have a five-year or fewer parts guarantee, while on the more expensive end, manufacturers offer a 10-year materials guarantee. The combination of an extensive knowledge base with cutting-edge innovations supported by long-term scientific evidence

science and an uncompromising service agenda ensure outstanding performance, efficient operation, precision, and excellent results.

Price amongst different Implant manufacturers varies and is influenced by various factors, such as

R&D (Research and Development)

Clinical research assesses the efficacy of a new treatment, device, drug, or new procedure by comparing its effect in humans. 

An implant system backed by numerous trials suggests that the ‘design has the proven ability to rehabilitate patients with greater success and predictable survival rates. The importance of clinical and scientific evidence cannot be underestimated, and considerations such as previous success and simplicity of use should also be taken into account.

Marketing and sales

The differences in dental implant costs to dentists are influenced by the cost of advertising and other marketing expenses of the manufacturers. Dental implant marketers are also a part of the dental implant companies. They are responsible for selling products from different manufacturers, whether the manufacturers sell directly to the dentists or employ salespeople, especially where the dental manufacturing company does not have offices or a presence. 


There are significant complexities between implants materials, and modern implant fixtures are fabricated with titanium (used because of its osseointegration properties).

 Processing and Manufacturing

The manufacturing procedure is pretty intricate, with pre-modified programming computer software dictates to control the scope of complex machinery.

Difference between dental implant brands

Dental implants can physically differ between different brands. Different options available in lengths and diameters of the implant allows the dentist to choose the best option for every individual case.

Why do Implants fail?

In general, implant failures can be described as early or late based on initial healing and restorative stages.

Early failures occur before the complete functional loading of implants and therefore mainly represent inadequate healing and osseointegration at the initial stage. There can be several causes of early implant failures, including bone overheating, inability to attain or maintain osseointegration, latent infection by surgical trauma, site contamination, reactivity to bone grafting materials, and over compression.

Late failures are observed after implant loading and function. Late implant failures are mainly due to biological reasons, bone loss due to peri-implantitis or implant fractures being the most prevalent ones. Quite rarely, due to extreme mispositioning and therefore prosthetic reasons, healthy and Osseointegrated implants can fail too. 

Etiologic reasons for failures can be broadly categorized as biological, mechanical, iatrogenic, and/or functional in origin.

Biological failures

-Peri-implantitis- Inflammation of tissue surrounding the implant

-Failure to attain or to maintain osseointegration

Mechanical failures

Despite its low incidence, a fracture is one of the possible complications with dental implants, and treatment poses a severe challenge to clinicians. Smaller diameter implants have shown a reduced resistance to fatigue.

Possible mechanical causes for Implant fractures include:

  • Heavy occlusal forces.
  • Mechanical trauma.
  • Small implant diameters.
  • Material fatigue.
  • Progressive bone loss due to reduced mechanical support around the implant.

Functional Failures

Functional loads. The wrong macro- or micro-implant design can cause difficulty in achieving primary implant stability. Malpositioned implants with increased cantilevering may cause excessive shear stress leading to implant failures. Parafunctional habits also create an occlusal overload causing implant failures. 

 Prosthetic designs

Different implant fixture designs have shown different amounts of bone loss. The surface condition and shape of the implant body may affect the amount of strain distributed to the implant-bone interface. 

Iatrogenic Bone overheating

Thermally-induced bone necrosis, while rare, is one of the causes of early implant failure. The frictional heat generated at the time of surgery causes a certain degree of necrosis of the surrounding cells. There is a significant risk for the failure of bone integration.


Contamination of titanium dental implants may lead to implant failure. Contaminants can alter the chemical purity, surface energy, thickness, and composition of the oxide layer. While there is a lack of clinical evidence proving contaminations have any effect on implant success, surface cleanliness is essential for implant osseointegration.

Surgical malpositioning

Incorrect location or inclination of the implant may prevent adequate prosthetic rehabilitation in many cases. Due to poor treatment planning or inaccurate surgical execution, biomechanical problems, an unacceptable aesthetic appearance, or difficulties in maintaining proper hygiene may be the consequence.

Why avoid cheap Dental Implants?

Each piece of a dental implant is designed for superior strength and durability, allowing the patient to enjoy their implant for a lifetime with proper care. Dental implants are favored due to the permanence and convenience of their components. Therefore, when choosing a dental implant manufacturer, cost should not be the only factor considering.

 Modification of Implant surfaces 

Material compatibility is quite crucial for successful dental implantation. Titanium and its alloys are well tolerated by living tissues and capable of promoting osseointegration. Modifying titanium implant surfaces has shown an increase in the osseointegration rate and biomechanical fixation of Titanium dental implants.

Design structure can lead to fracture and failure

There are several parts and pieces of dental implants. With a significant number of companies producing implants, parts, and components and some even “copying” other companies and offering interchangeable parts and pieces between companies, a dental practitioner needs to make a conscious choice.

Companies other than the top 12 dental implant brands, that haven’t been in the market long, or are no more producing certain types of implants, create a rather difficult situation for both the patient and the dentist. It leaves the patient with older implants still in service and the restorative dentist trying to find parts to restore them. This is why it is essential always to choose a reputable implant company with a long history, research-based products, and innovations.

Availability of parts for cheap implants 

Many newer companies emerging on the market attract dentists with prices cheaper than reputable companies. But most of them might not be in business for a long time, and in case of something going wrong with the implant, there are no parts to be found for the repair.

Not enough research or studies done on new and cheap implants

Going with an implant manufacturer that has been around for a long time means a time-proven warranty for their products and the possibility of fabricating parts even for discontinued implants.

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