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Finding a Dentist in Thailand

If you are considering to travel to Thailand to fix your teeth, you have certainly picked a right location. Thailand is one of the top dental tourism destinations. However, not all of the dentist or dental clinics in major cities such as Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket, Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai are equally skilled. DentistConsultationHub is headquartered in Thailand and thus have screened dentists and dental clinics as well as individual practicing dentists in different specialties. Our internal team as well as our proprietary AI system is capable of evaluating dental conditions, offering various treatment options and finally match you to a qualified dentist in Thailand.

Some of the leading dental clinics in Thailand are Bangkok Smile MALO Dental, Bangkok International Dental Hospital, MOS Dental, Dental Joy and Ivory Dental Clinic. All of these clinics have good international reputation but not every dentist at these clinics have similar qualifications. This is why it is important for patients to contact our team as our team of dentists have extensive experience working and teaching dentistry in Thailand. Unlike dental agencies such as dental departure who have no clinical background and are merely referring patients to clinics and coordinating their appointments, our AI along with our internal dentist team is able to identify the most qualified dentist as well as perform a post-treatment evaluation upon request.

Popular Treatments in Thailand

Patients travel to Thailand for variety of dental treatments. Some patients just want to have a basic dental check up and a dental cleaning in Bangkok, Phuket or Pattaya. Others contact DentistConsultationHub for more moderate to complex dental treatments that can save them thousands of dollars from seeing a dentist locally. Some of the most popular treatments and costs are listed below.


One of the most popular dental treatments among dental tourists visiting Thailand is teeth whitening. The treatment can be done in office or as a prescribed gel using plastic trays.


THB 4000


Dental Implants are a popular treatment in Thailand as the cost is lower than Australia, USA or Canada and there are dentists with international training. The cost of each implant varies based on each dental brand but all brands are available in most clinics in Bangkok, Phuket or Chiang Mai.


THB 15000

ALL ON 4 /

Patients who have lost hope in saving their teeth or have no teeth often travel to Bangkok or Phuket for full jaw implant, All on 4, All on 6 or All on 8. The treatment can be completed within 24 hours in most situations and patients can leave with a strong set of teeth. We recommend patients to stay in Thailand for at least 12-14 days.


THB 300K


Dental Crowns/ Veneers, Smile Makeover are often a popular service for overseas patients as the cost of dentist s much lower in Thailand as well as the dental laboratories manufacturing crowns. Prices vary on material and esthetics.


THB 9000

Visiting Thailand

Traveling nowadays is easy, open your computer and book a flight. The destinations will be quite challenging though depending on the purpose of your travel. Some people travel for pleasure, others for business some people travel for Dental and Medical health. Thailand can be one of the favorite destinations for the above-mentioned travel objectives.

One of the best destinations for tourists and businessmen with a wide network of hotels for them to choose from based on their budget. But before coming to Thailand it is important to know the country. Like what the weather would be like, cultural customs, food, and more.

When is the best time to visit Thailand?

Cool-season: November to February

The cool season is the peak season in Thailand, however the cold can only be felt in the northern part of the country, Central Thailand can feel cold for a short while that would last a few days, southern Thailand has no changes in temperatures during this season.


Hot season: March to May

Thailand is a tropical paradise known for its beaches and Island full moon parties, during the hot season temperatures go up to 42-45 degrees and goes down to 35-37 coupled with humidity, in the evening in some parts of the country. This is where tourists and locals go to the beach to cool themselves. During the month of April wherein Thai new year is celebrated which is called “Songkran” which represents the purification of sins and eliminating bad luck, this is well known for its water festival. Songkran is celebrated for 3 days in the capital Bangkok. Some major streets are closed to be used as a walking street where people throw water at each other by buckets or using a water gun.


Rainy season: June to October

During the rainy season Thailand’s temperature averages around 27 degrees, It is the monsoon season, and expect heavy to moderate rain, during this season flooding around the country is common. Traveling during the rainy season is still ok because rains can fall for a few days and sunny the next.



Thailand has earned its reputation to be one of the best southeast Asian countries for Medical and Dental Tourism. Thailand has several International Hospitals and Clinics fully equipped to cope with the international patients coming for Dental treatments in particular because they can have done at a cheaper price with the same quality of work compared to their home country and get to have extra money for a vacation.

Most cases for travelers complain about are Gastrointestinal problems, they tend to consume contaminated food and water or they are not used to the local food.



Thai food uses main flavors salty, sweet, bitter sour and it would not be Thai food without the spicy flavor. You may have to inform the waiter not to make your food spicy. Food vendors can be found in all corners of main city streets, you can choose from a variety of Thai food from northern to southern recipes.


How to get around

You can go around Thailand from North to South and East to West by Air, railway or by road, Island trips will take you there by ferry.


By Air

There are hourly trips to main cities like Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Bangkok, Phuket, and others, airfare is quite cheap and airline companies compete with lower fares and services. Domestic flights fly from both airports Don Muang and Suvarnabhumi airport. Direct international flights are now available to Phuket International Airport.


By Train

Hua Lamphong station in Bangkok is where all train trips originate, trips can be as far south as Butterworth in

Malaysia it usually takes a day and a half to travel. There are 3 carriages you can choose from, 1st class is an air-conditioned compartment good for 2 people. 2nd class both air-condition and non-air-condition with upper and lower bunk beds that can be converted to seats during the day is a cheap option for long hauled travels, and the 3rd class are non-air-conditioned cabins with wooden seats and not recommended for long trips. Purchasing tickets in advance is recommended.


By Bus

Buses are recommended for places where trains do not reach, a wide choice of bus companies can be found in Mor Chit Song stations which serves the northern routes and international routes to neighboring countries, Ekamai bus terminal serves the southern coastal route, Sai Tai Mai serves the southern routes.


By Car

Car rentals are

Renting a car is a good option for those who prefer more privacy and comfort, as well as those wishing to travel off the beaten path. Major international brands provide services in popular tourist cities. Local rental brands are often less expensive and have more flexible rental policies. Be warned, though, that driving in Bangkok is not for the faint-hearted.


ATM & Banking

Most bank ATMs accept international bank withdrawals through VISA Mastercard and the like.

Traveler’s Cheques / Credit Cards

Most banks accept Traveler’s checks. Major credit cards are widely accepted in all restaurants, malls, and hotels.

Best Dentist


in Thailand

Our preferred & trusted dentist network

Bangkok International Dental Hospital

International Dental Center in heart of Bangkok

Location: Plonechit/Nana
Website: Link
Shuttle Service: Yes
General Dentistry: Yes
Dental Specialists: Yes

Bangkok Smile MALO DENTAL

International Dental Center in heart of Nana Sukhumvit soi 5

Location: Nana
Website: Link
Shuttle Service: Yes
General Dentistry: Yes
Dental Specialists: Yes

Bumrungrad International Dental Center

Award Winning International Hospital in heart of Bangkok Sukhumvit Soi 3

Location: Nana
Website: Link
Shuttle Service: Yes
General Dentistry: Yes
Dental Specialists: Yes

Dr. Sunil International Dental Center

International Dental Center in heart of Bangkok

Location: Nana
Website: Link
Shuttle Service: Yes
General Dentistry: Yes
Dental Specialists: Yes

Prosmiles Dental Clinic

ProSmile Dental Clinic

Next to Fortune Tower Rama IX and MRT Station

Location: Rama IX
Website: Link
Shuttle Service: Yes
General Dentistry: Yes
Dental Specialists: Yes

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