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Portrush Family Dental

About Us

Portrush Family Dental has been established for over 40 years.

Based in Adelaide’s eastern suburbs, we have quietly become one of the most highly renowned dental clinics in SA. We use the most innovative and effective dental equipment and materials, and have the friendliest team, ensuring our patients receive the best, most comfortable treatment you could dream of. Our dental rooms have been recently refurbished with the highest quality equipment, and we have a selection of radio stations and ceiling mounted televisions to keep your mind at ease, and provide a calming distraction for the kids!


We understand that a trip to the dentist isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, so we do absolutely everything we can to make your visit as feel as comfortable and “at home” as possible. The two things we ‘re most passionate about most is your dental health and making you and your family feel as relaxed at our clinic as possible.


Saving You Money with a Smile!

For all of our services, we accept all major health providers, including Medibank, Bupa and HCF! Portrush Family Dental understand the importance of providing a comfortable experience for young children, to ensure they maintain their oral health as they grow. To assist families in this, we honour the financial deductions associated with the Child Dental Benefits Schedule as part of Medicare’s scheme. This provides all eligible patients between 2 and 17 years of age with $1,000 over two calendar years to finance a range of dental services. Additionally, we offer payment plans through DentiCare for all patients, which allows for repayments to be made up to 18 months after treatment!



Single-Visit Ceramic Restorations With CEREC®

Portrush Family Dental is one of just a few dental clinics in Adelaide who offers CEREC technology. CEREC is a digital scanner that allows for single-visit ceramic restorations, meaning the procedure is completed on the same day, with just one anaesthetic.


Additionally, they allow us to take impression-less moulds of your teeth to be used for multiple treatments, including Invisalign braces, small dentures and implants. This means you no longer have to sit in a chair and uncomfortably wait for an impression to be made in your mouth!


All of our single-visit ceramics are made in-house and on the spot; you can even see the CEREC being designed by one of our dentists!


Ceramic restorations look as good as white resin fillings but have the durability of a porcelain crown. This makes them the most effective method of replacing any old amalgams, large fractures to teeth, or crowns for cracked or root canaled teeth.


Cone Beam CT 3D Jaw Scans

Cone Beam CT technology is one of the most innovative recent introductions to the dental industry, with the ability to take 3D images of a patient’s jaw to assist in a range of dental applications.


Portrush Family Dental is one of few Adelaide clinics with access to this technology, allowing us to devise a treatment plan that targets the specific source of the problem as we see it. Cone Beam CT technology allows us to analyse your mouth in ways we never could before.


Cone Beam CT Machine

We can attain instant 3D views of your entire mouth to enable us to check for periodontal bone loss, abscesses, failing root canal treatments, sinus infections and implants. For precision implants, this means we can plan to the tenth of a millimetre where we want to place your implant and implant crown. Then, with our CEREC scanner, we can fabricate your crown in a single visit!


Why do i need X-rays?


“To see is to know; not to see is to guess”, and we won’t guess about your health. Our eyes can only see above the gums. X-rays enable us to see between teeth and under gums to detect any deficiencies that we would otherwise miss.

What toothbrush/toothpaste should I use?

Any toothpaste is fine, so long as it has fluoride in it. The same goes for toothbrushes; as long as it is soft bristled, any brand is fine.


Why should I go to the dentist regularly?

6-monthly check-ups allow us to monitor your general oral health over time and identify any changes early. The sooner we detect a problem, the smaller it will become.

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