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Hillier Road Dental Clinic

High quality personalised dental care.


At Hillier Road Dental we believe in providing the community with high quality, personalised dental care in a comfortable, relaxed and safe environment for the whole family. We pride ourselves in being a family dental practice in Morphett Vale, where you can see the same person every time.


Hillier Road Dental was founded by our highly experienced principal dentist, Dr. Tadros Eskarous in order to provide the people in Morphett Vale and the surrounding suburbs with quality dental care by friendly dentists they can trust. We believe in providing relaxed dentistry taking the time to get to know our patients and their individual needs. Our dentists make the experience enjoyable so that the fear of dentistry is removed from the equation.


We also offer sedation dentistry options so that you are made to feel more comfortable about treatment. With the team at Hillier Road Dental taking care of your oral health, there is no need to fear dental visits and looking after your oral health becomes easy. If you have anxiety visiting the dentist, then Hillier Road Dental is ideal for you, we understand your view and show you how dentistry can be both effective and gentle.


Our dental practice is conveniently located on Hillier Road with plenty of parking, late hours and easy accessibility. Contact our friendly team today to book in your appointment with one of our family dentists in Morphett Vale today!


Why Chooses Us?

Preferred Provider

We at Hillier Road Dental, are preferred provider for Bupa, Medibank, AHM and HCF Members and we offer 10% senior discount.


Male & Female Dentist

We understand that some patients have a gender preference for religious or personal reasons which is why we have both male and female dentists.


After Hours

Our practice has extended opening hours every weekday for your convenience. From 8am – 8pm everyday of operation.


Same Day Crowns

We have the latest technology, CEREC milling machine, which means you can get your dental crown (inlay/onlay) done in one day.


Instant Zoom Whitening

Everyone loves a sparkling white smile, at Hillier Road Dental we offer both in-chair (Zoom) and take-home teeth whitening.


Happy Gas

If you’re nervous at the dentists, we have a technology that will help with your anxiety so you can get treatments with ease.

Should I use mouthwash? Can it be a replacement for brushing?


There are many different types of mouthwash available at retail shops these days that can serve numerous benefits. In saying this, it can never be a replacement for brushing. Deposits known as plaque which are thin films of bacteria that form daily on your teeth can only be removed manually using a toothbrush.


Though, this is not to say that you shouldn’t use a mouthwash, you can in fact. A fluoride-containing mouthwash in addition to brushing twice daily and flossing can help to fight cavities as well as assist in achieving a fresh breath. There are also therapeutic rinses available to assist in gum disease, sensitivity and dry mouth.


It is important to inform your dentist if you are using a mouthwash to check if it is right for you. Remember there is no replacement for brushing your teeth!


Cracked & Chipped Teeth (Broken Tooth)

Damage to teeth can happen due to a variety of reasons and at times be completely unexpected. Although the tooth enamel is quite strong trauma to teeth can result in a crack or chip causing a broken tooth. In more extreme cases such trauma can even result in the tooth getting completely knocked out.


A cracked tooth or chipped tooth can negatively affect the appearance of a person’s smile while also being quite painful, depending on the severity of the damage and location of the tooth. The friendly team at Hillier Road Dental take the time to assess your cracked, chipped or broken tooth so they can provide the necessary treatment to restore your smile.


The causes of cracked & chipped teeth (broken tooth):

Damage to teeth such as a crack or chip is most commonly a result of trauma to the teeth, this can be a result of:


  • Extensive tooth decay

  • Falling on teeth or a blow to the face

  • Biting on something very hard

  • Old mercury amalgam fillings


What happens if you ignore a cracked or chipped tooth?

Ignoring severe damage to a tooth such as a crack or chip can lead to more serious problems such as the tooth splitting or breaking further. When a tooth splits or breaks extensively it can reveal the nerves within the tooth resulting in a severe toothache and pain. A damaged nerve might require root canal therapy and even result in a loss of the tooth.

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