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People have asked Dr. Andrew and Dr. May what the reason is for naming their dental clinic Skye Dental.

They have long had an affiliation with Skye, the Isle of Skye in Scotland. Ever since their undergraduate student days at The University of Glasgow, all the way to present day, they have had admiration for and a strong connection to this beautiful island off the West coast of mainland Scotland.

​Let’s start with University. Studying a strenuous course full-time could bring on stress and take it’s toll on the body, both physically and mentally. For relief, Andrew and May would often hop into their tiny car and make the journey from Glasgow to the Isle of Skye. The journey itself is another story altogether (just ask them and I am sure they would share the wonders of it!) but when they reached the Isle of Skye, their stresses seemed to just melt away.


Neist Point Lighthouse, Isle of Skye

Once on the island, they would often stay at B&Bs and make trips around the island and make use of their time and resources whilst there (even once, up to the point where they literally had no more money and were forced to make the return leg of their journey).


They would visit the natural wonders of the island such as Neist Point, The Storr or The Cuillin. Then there are the man-made wonders of Skye, such as Tallisker Whiskey distillery. They would capture it all on camera and this probably led to their discovery of the wonders of photography. The island would stimulate every sense within them, from the amazing views of volcanic rock to rolling hills and endless horizons, the smell of fresh air and seaside, the peacefulness of the countryside, to the glorious tastes of local produce – just ask them about the gastronomic marvel at The Three Chimneys or Kinloch Lodge.

To summarize, the Isle of Skye is the epitome of beauty. It is otherworldly and will always hold a place in their hearts.


EMS – The Unique cleaning experience!

Dental cleaning, or scale and polish, is one of the most important procedures you should be having  on a regular basis. However, some people don’t like it for a variety of reasons. Let me tell you how we make the experience easier for you at Skye Dental…..Dr Andrew Doig takes his time and uses the most effective cleaning system in the world: the EMS system developed in Switzerland!


What is EMS? It stands for Electro-Medical Systems and it is a Swiss company dedicated to the development of some of the best dental systems in the world.


Now, what are the reasons for not enjoying the cleaning every 6 months?

  • painful

  • stains difficult to remove

  • bleeding

  • time-consuming

At Skye Dental, Dr Andrew Doig will be able to help you with these worries. Watch the above video to see how the EMS system is different from other scaling and polishing methods. And if you would like to experience it in person, simply contact us to arrange your scale and polish with Dr Andrew.


I can hear you now say “What about the bleeding and the time-consuming part?”.

  • Well, sometimes the gums do bleed in response to the cleaning process and this is because the gums are inflamed and possibly have gum disease, so the bleeding is the first part of the healing process and is quite common. Gums that don’t bleed are healthier, so this is what we are wanting to achieve through the cleaning!

  • The time taken to clean the teeth is dependent on 2 factors: how thorough is the dentist and how efficient is the equipment? The EMS equipment is faster and more efficient than regular systems but Dr Andrew can use this extra time to educate his patients and help them have healthier gums.


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